Smile Care: About Taking The Proactive Route

When you’re feeling like you’re behind on dental care or you’re just not doing your best, it can be easy to give in to the desire to just give up and to hide out from our Pella, IA dental team. You may figure that it’s too late, you feel quite guilty, etc., so why bother trying to get everything back on track? Is it even possible, you ask yourself? Today, we help you better understand why simply taking the proactive route each and every time is the best way to go!


Cosmetic Questions: Details You Worry You’re Missing

Yes, of course, a beautiful smile is something you want to be able to achieve, so you never feel unhappy with the way this facial feature looks. However, you wonder lots of things about the cosmetic care you may need to arrive at such a goal. Is it really something you can make use of, you wonder? Is it going to work for your schedule or are you overlooking something about the time investment required? For the easiest way to receive answers, come see our Pella, IA team today! For now…


What Are You Doing For Extra Smile Protection?

There’s the usual smile protection, of course, that you offer yourself at home every single time you brush your teeth and every time you floss. This becomes particularly beneficial when you are just as consistent and thorough as we suggest. Then, there’s the protection you offer your oral health when you come in for your cleanings and checkups with us. However, we wonder, what do you do in addition to your usual prevention to keep your smile safe? If you’re shrugging your shoulders, let us explore this topic with you!


Ways To Handle Smile Sensitivity

If you deal with smile sensitivity and you do nothing, chances are quite good that your sensitivity will remain the same or that it will become even more intense. Since you need to use your smile every day for communication and also to survive (you have to eat!), addressing any type of discomfort or pain is something patients should always put at the top of their priority list! So, when you’re dealing with the strange and unpleasant sensations that arrive with sensitivity, our Pella, IA team suggests you speak with us soon, so we may guide you toward best options for handling it!


What Your Toothache Might Tell You

When you have a toothache, your body is communicating something to do you but what is it? Are you receiving a message that you need to be more careful about not knocking your tooth on your coffee cup in the morning as you take your first sip? Or, is your tooth letting you know that a much more serious concern is going on, which is resulting in dental pain? As our Pella, IA team can only answer questions about your smile when we see you, to begin, we can offer general details about what might be happening! (For more info, come in!).


Gum Recession: What You Need To Change About Your Care

You might already know that gum disease can harm your smile because you’ll end up with inflamed and possibly even infected tissue. However, you may not know what we mean at first glance when we discuss gum recession. To begin with the basics, let’s review: This is another way of referring to the fact that in some cases, your gums will recede or pull away, which is dangerous and damaging to both the health of your smile and its appearance. So, why is this going on, what’s the problem, and what might you do differently, you ask? Fortunately, our Pella, IA team can help you with everything!


Did Someone Say Teeth-Whitening?

Have you been feeling in the doldrums about your smile? Maybe your teeth are healthy (that’s vital!) but you just aren’t feeling the same thrill when you view yourself in a photo, or catch a glance in the mirror. Maybe you’ve noticed a friend who looks younger and more refreshed, but you can’t quite put a finger on the improvement. Could it be they’ve talked to their Pella, IA dentist about teeth-whitening? If you haven’t heard about teeth whitening, it can make a big difference in your smile. (more…)