Oral Health Problems Associated With Halitosis

When you have halitosis, which is another way of saying that you’re dealing with chronic bad breath, you may assume you just need to brush better. In some instances, if you’re fortunate and your oral health is still safe, then it’s absolutely possible you’re right! However, it’s also possible that in addition to the fact that you may not be doing your best with brushing, flossing, and visits with us, you may have developed an oral health issue that’s a primary reason for that unpleasant odor that’s emanating from your mouth. Learn more with our Pella, IA team, so you recognize that seeing us soon is essential!


Restorative Dentistry: Examples Of When You Need It

There are times when you will most definitely need restorative dentistry. If you’re thinking to yourself, “I know this! It’s something I’ll need if my oral health requires a repair!” then you’re on the right track, of course. However, are you familiar with just what those repairs might entail and the type of problems that they will be fixing? Or, does the idea of this area of dental care still exist as more of an idea and possibility to you? If you’re interested in considering some examples of moments our Pella, IA team will be able to hop to it and restore the health of your smile, then look no further! We’ve got the details you seek.


Cracked Teeth: 3 Reasons You Need Us ASAP 

There’s something you really need to know about a cracked tooth: It’s something that requires immediate attention from our Pella, IA team. So, while you may find yourself occasionally dragging your feet with certain oral health concerns, this is not one of the times to assume that time is on your side. Well, what’s the hurry, you wonder? Consider a handful of reasons you really need restorative care with us as soon as possible, so you better understand the significance of severe damage and how we can help you!


4 Things You Absolutely Must Do For TMJ Health 

Like any other part of your overall health or your oral health, there are things you absolutely must do in order to remain sure you’re promoting your TMJ health. There are those details you need to pay attention to, regardless of the current health of these joints. Then, of course, there are some details you must consider if things aren’t going exactly as planned. Today, our Pella, IA team would like to bring them to the forefront, so you’re never at a loss for maintaining this exceptionally important part of your smile and function.


Things You Don’t Have to Worry About with Invisalign®

For people with noticeably crooked teeth, their biggest worry is often how their teeth make their overall smiles look. Because of this, many patients hesitate to wear traditional metal braces to straighten them. Orthodontic treatment sometimes take years, and that much time with metal braces on their teeth can seem daunting to many patients. At our Pella, IA, dentist’s office, we help patients worry less about crooked teeth and the visible impacts of orthodontic treatment by offering custom, clear Invisalign® aligners. (more…)

3 Times To Rush Out To Buy A New Toothbrush 

Do you know what today might be? Well, it might be a fantastic day to rush out to buy a new toothbrush, if it turns out that yours isn’t in the best of condition to help you keep your oral health safe! Did you know that there are multiple factors associated with your brush that can either benefit or take away from your ability to practice optimal dental care? Good news: We can unveil the mystery, so you can quickly determine whether you’ve got it all under control or if this dental hygiene product is something you need to replace (and get to know just a bit better with the help of our Pella, IA team!).


When You Can Rely On Veneers “Instead”

When you are approaching our Pella, IA team to find out what you can do for smile improvements, you know that we offer a variety of cosmetic care treatments. You may, as you have a very particular change in mind, also assume that the treatment you have in mind is going to be what we will ultimately suggest. However, we remind you that in many cases, porcelain veneers may actually prove to be the clear winner in terms of which solution is going to best help you reach your grin goals! Consider some helpful examples!