3 Reasons to Try Invisalign®

When your teeth are crooked, your first concern may be how they impact your smile’s appearance. Because of that concern, many adult patients aren’t always excited about wearing braces to correct their teeth. Traditionally made from metal brackets and wires, orthodontic braces can even more noticeably affect your smile’s appearance until your treatment is completed. Fortunately, patients in Pella, IA, often have a more discreet and comfortable alternative thanks to advanced Invisalign® clear aligners. (more…)

What Really Happens When You Brush Crazy Hard

When you brush your teeth extremely hard, what you think is happening may be something like this: You assume you’re getting rid of every last trace of plaque and debris, so you figure your smile is going to feel super slick and will actually be very clean. However, there’s a big discrepancy between what you think is going on and what you’re really doing to your oral health when you brush like this. Our major, overriding tip for you if you’re a hard brusher is to do a 180 and brush very gently instead. Why, you ask? Well, our Pella, IA team is ready to explain!


3 Things That Dental Cleanings Really Help Prevent

There may be those moments during which you think to yourself that while you know you’ve heard for your whole life dental cleanings are extremely important, you wonder why and whether it’s really true. You ask yourself what this aspect of prevention can really do for you or if it just helps make your teeth feel nice a smooth! The truth is, even though you only need to see us for a cleaning two days out of the entire year, these visits really are exceptionally beneficial for your oral health. Now that you know they’re truly necessary, you are likely still curious about the details. Our Pella, IA team is here to fill you in on some things you’ll be so happy to avoid when you keep up with professional care.


Breath Protection: Keeping It Fresh Instead Of Bad

One of the things that helps you feel confident when speaking with other people (often in very close proximity) is knowing your breath smells okay. When you’re worried that it doesn’t, it can quickly cause you to feel like shrinking violet. Then, of course, if you know anything about oral health and what bad breath can mean for you, your smile radar may go off, letting you know that something could be wrong. So, where to begin to keep your smile smelling fresh (which lets you know your mouth is doing okay)? Let our Pella, IA team offer up some suggestions for protection that you may (or may not) already be putting in place!


Dental Crowns: All About Their Cosmetic Value

You may have mixed feelings when you hear about dental crowns. On one hand, you feel appreciative that there is a restorative treatment that can fix your tooth, should you end up in serious need of a tooth rescue! On the other hand, you wonder if restoring your tooth with a crown is going to leave you with the structure and oral health that you want but without the look that you want. Then, of course, you hear that porcelain crowns are common and you have even more questions! Give our Pella, IA team a moment to get you all caught up on such details, so you recognize that today’s esthetically pleasing crowns offer you more than you might have imagined.


Hey, Don’t Get That Filling In A While: Go For “Very Soon”

Everyone has a lot to do on a daily basis. Beyond what you have to do, there’s a natural prioritization of details regarding what you really want to do and then those things you really should probably take care of. So, when our Pella, IA team informs you that you need a dental filling, you may not really feel compelled to put it at the top of that list of yours. While we understand why you might not want to, we also think you’ll understand why we think it’s a very important decision to act quickly when you’ve got tooth decay. Consider a bit of new information you might not yet be familiar with and you just might decide to shuffle your filling to the number one priority slot!


Gaps, Openings, And Dealing With Spaces In Your Smile

Any area in your smile that lies between two teeth and that creates space (as in, your neighboring teeth are not touching) might feel problematic for a number of reasons. First, you may just not really like how it looks. Next, it may negatively impact your hygiene. Then of course, it might also threaten your smile’s alignment in certain instances. So, what should you be thinking about in regard to your unique type of smile spacing, what can you really do to make things better, and how may you get started? Your first step, of course, after considering a bit of helpful information is scheduling a dental visit with our Pella, IA team!