Smile Care Questions That Start With “When”  

There are different types of questions that will crop up over the years, when you’re providing smile care for yourself. Sometimes, they’ll begin with the word “what.” For instance, you’ll ask what should I use to brush with or what is happening with my gums? You may end up with “who” questions, “how” questions, and so on and so forth. Today? Our Pella, IA team helps you out with some very common “when” questions, as we offer up answers that can help you feel much better about the way you protect your teeth and gums!


What To Do When Care Doesn’t Feel Good

Sometimes, the dental care that is meant to help you maintain your oral health and that you know intuitively shouldn’t feel uncomfortable? It ends up feeling very uncomfortable. As we will always remind you, when pain or any type of unpleasant sensations occur as a result of doing things like brushing your teeth, it is absolutely time to get in contact with our Pella, IA team, so we can help you figure out why it’s happening and so we can quickly make it stop! Returning to smile protection that feels perfectly neutral is easy, when you come in for the help you need!


3 Times You’ll Need A Checkup First

As you are well aware, there’s a guideline in place for your dental checkups and cleanings that we suggest you receive every year: Our Pella, IA team encourages you to remain on track with keeping your teeth and gums safe by scheduling a preventive care visit once every six months, which shakes out to roughly twice a year. So, when else might you need to schedule a checkup before you can move on with whatever particular plans you are making for yourself, you may wonder? Of course, we’re happy to give you some examples, so you recognize that an additional smile exam is sometimes necessary!


Preventive Care: Do You Recognize Its Importance?

It can be trying to understand just how important your preventive care really is for your smile without some amount of context or extra information. Why is that, you ask our Pella, IA team? Well, generally speaking, you need a bit of time in order to see the benefits of taking excellent care of your teeth and gums. Furthermore, if you do follow through with wonderful prevention, you may never experience any serious problems, so you don’t really know what life is like without a healthy grin! For some helpful insight, our team offers you further information, so you can remember to keep up the good work!


3 Times Traditional Whitening Is Just The Ticket!

You may wonder to yourself: Is traditional teeth whitening going to be the pathway you should take to help you to quickly see beautiful results, while you wave goodbye to your currently discolored smile? Is whitening for you, you ask, or are you supposed to be considering the other cosmetic care options before you determine that bleaching gel is going to be the method that best suits your needs? Of course, talking over the details with our Pella, IA team with the help of a quick consultation will give you all of the answers. For now, consider a quick preview into some instances in which the traditional approach to whitening is going to be the best bet!


Trusting Invisalign To Improve The Quality Of Your Smile

If your teeth are crooked, if your smile looks awkward because of spaces between teeth, or if you have noticeable issues with crowded teeth, orthodontic work can be beneficial. People with misaligned teeth can be well aware that an adjustment offers a chance at improvement, but they can be uneasy about committing to metal braces. Would you be interested in a chance to straighten your smile that did NOT require a fixed, conspicuous appliance? For many people, Invisalign can be the ideal solution for fixing crooked teeth. Your Pella, IA dentist’s office can speak with you about Invisalign, and what to expect from your procedure. We are also ready to provide solutions to other smile concerns, as we can discuss multiple cosmetic dental procedures with you. (more…)

On The Topic Of Toothpaste: 4 Considerations!

The use of toothpaste: It seems like an exceptionally simple topic. So much so that you may find yourself wondering what on earth you could possibly be missing in terms of this particular aspect of your dental hygiene. What’s the big deal, you ask? You put some on a toothbrush, you brush thoroughly, and you’re done! While we can certainly agree with you that streamlining your oral health protection can be very easy, our Pella, IA team reminds you: Sometimes it’s those little, subtle nuances that (once you learn them) can make a hugely significant impact on the success of those brushing sessions!