Gum Recession: What You Need To Change About Your Care

You might already know that gum disease can harm your smile because you’ll end up with inflamed and possibly even infected tissue. However, you may not know what we mean at first glance when we discuss gum recession. To begin with the basics, let’s review: This is another way of referring to the fact that in some cases, your gums will recede or pull away, which is dangerous and damaging to both the health of your smile and its appearance. So, why is this going on, what’s the problem, and what might you do differently, you ask? Fortunately, our Pella, IA team can help you with everything!


Did Someone Say Teeth-Whitening?

Have you been feeling in the doldrums about your smile? Maybe your teeth are healthy (that’s vital!) but you just aren’t feeling the same thrill when you view yourself in a photo, or catch a glance in the mirror. Maybe you’ve noticed a friend who looks younger and more refreshed, but you can’t quite put a finger on the improvement. Could it be they’ve talked to their Pella, IA dentist about teeth-whitening? If you haven’t heard about teeth whitening, it can make a big difference in your smile. (more…)

Calcium For Your Smile Health: When You Don’t Do Dairy

When we encounter patients who cannot consume dairy or who lead vegan lifestyles, one of the key questions that pops up in regard to smile health includes: How am I going to get enough calcium? While it may seem complex at first glance, the truth is that drinking a tall glass of cow’s milk, eating cheese, etc., are not the only ways you get your calcium. In fact, many foods are full of this mineral that you truly do need to promote a smile that is healthy and that stays that way! Consider your options and, if you have remaining questions, remember to check in with our Pella, IA team!


Dental Care: Important Answers To “How” Questions

You might not like admitting it to yourself and as a result, to us, but sometimes you need a review for your dental care. You know that you should brush, floss, and more but in some instances, it’s nice to walk through a quick refresher regarding the basics. That way, you don’t find yourself standing in the bathroom, about to brush your teeth, with a head full of questions about the details of brushing, the particulars of flossing, and more. With a bit of extra insight from our Pella, IA team, we can often help all areas of your care go more smoothly!


Prevention: 3 Smart Choices For Your Kids

You have likely begun to master preventive care for yourself, which you know includes brushing, flossing, and seeing us at our Pella, IA practice for your cleanings and checkups. Of course, you know that your kids require a similar type of approach for prevention that works every day and in the long-run. What you may not feel quite as sure about is whether your kiddos may need some special stuff that your smile doesn’t, since yours is already all done growing. Let’s get started with some things to keep in mind for those grins, which we can further explain the next time we see you and your family!


Dental Shopping: 3 Important Smile Care Tips

Heading out to pick up some dental care items for yourself (and possibly for a significant other or your whole family) can seem like a trip that will take just a few minutes. However, when you come to the realization that you’re looking and shelves and shelves full of different (yet strangely similar) options, it can be very confusing. So, how to make shopping easier, to pick up everything you need, to address the preferences of your kids, to know if you’re making a good choice or a bad choice, and more, you think to yourself? Our Pella, IA team can offer pre-shopping help!


TMJ Questions We Never Thought You’d Ask!

When we talk with patients about TMJ health, we often find that this is an area of care that is rarely considered. Of course, our patients in Pella, IA think a lot about keeping their smiles clean, free of stains, free of cavities, and they even consider their gum health! Jaw joints, on the other hand, are functional in nature, their problems disconnected from dental hygiene and therefore, often overlooked. Allow us to remind you why you should keep jaw health from falling through the cracks and you’ll be glad for the education down the line!