It Really Isn’t Good To Ignore Your Sensitive Teeth

You might think that you’re being brave and strong as you do your best to ignore your sensitive teeth. However, you’re not going to benefit from making this decision! Instead, you’re going to find yourself with worsening discomfort. So, what does our Pella, IA team suggest, you wonder? Well, we think you’d be much happier if your teeth felt better and we would like you to consider why sensitivity is something to treat (and how we can help you out with that)! Let’s get your smile back to a feature you can actually use without a problem!


Do You Know If You’re Really Brushing The Right Way?

When you get used to your usual habits, it’s easy to figure that you’re doing things correctly. However, since you don’t have a dentist at home to run your quick questions by (such as, “Am I brushing with the right method? How long should I brush my teeth?”) it’s often hard to know if you’re on track or a bit off. Fortunately, when you’re remembering to see our team two times each year for your exams and cleanings, there’s ample time to receive answers to such inquiries. Even more exciting news? The major bullet points regarding the essentials for optimal brushing as part of your dental hygiene are quite simple. Remembering them once you learn them is easy!


Are You Ready for Invisalign?

Is summer your busy time of year, or does it offer a chance to kick back and relax? Maybe your work has an ebb and flow all its own. If you are contemplating an improvement to your smile, it doesn’t have to be disruptive. In fact, if you are considering Invisalign clear braces in Pella, IA you can multitask, and improve your smile without disrupting the rest of your life. If your teeth need discreet guidance to form the most attractive smile, consider Invisalign as a solution. (more…)

Great Care Is Available After A Dental Emergency

You can certainly make an appointment for dental care with your Pella, IA dentist’s office and enjoy great oral health support. What kind of care will you be able to access if you find yourself requiring emergency dental treatment? Hopefully, this is a question that will never become relevant, but dental problems can occur without warning, and you should know how to respond. If you find yourself with significant dental pain, or suffer a physical injury, you can count on your dentist for prompt care. The treatment you receive can target the immediate concerns based around your problem, and your dentist can also provide work that also restores any visual concerns. (more…)

Inflamed Gums: The Not-So-Obvious Causes

When you have swollen gums, you have no qualms about hearing that you’ve got gingivitis. It’s sort of what you expected to hear in the first place! However, when inflammation occurs and you either are completely certain it can’t be diseased gums or you’re shocked when we tell you that it’s not, it’s somewhat jarring either way. What could it be, then? Isn’t this issue almost always the result of some underlying illness? Not necessarily! Get an inside look at the less obvious culprits.


Sleep Apnea And Caffeine: 3 Details To Remember

You may not make all of the connections to your lifestyle decisions that you need to make right off the bat when it comes to addressing sleep apnea. You know, of course, that professionally provided sleep apnea treatment is a wonderful tool to help you sleep. However, when it comes to things as simple as your daily caffeine intake, you might not even recognize the way little decisions can play a big role in the success of your treatment. Good news: We can steer you in the correct direction with ease!


Symptom: Bleeding Gums And What To Do (And Not Do)

There’s a symptom associated with your gum health that can cause some serious alarm: It’s bleeding gums! When you see this, do you know how to respond? Are you aware that there are some things that you should do and some things you should definitely not do? If this is new to you, then we highly recommend you take just a moment to become more familiar, so you’re prepared to keep those gums safe and sound.