Things You Should Know About Periodontal Disease

Gum disease (more formally known as periodontal disease) is one of the most common dental health concerns for adults. Yet, despite how common it is, periodontal disease is highly preventable with consistently good hygiene and preventive dental care. Unfortunately, many people develop periodontal disease simply because they don’t realize that their hygiene routine has failed, or because they don’t recognize the signs when early gum disease (gingivitis) develops. Fortunately, understanding the specifics of periodontal disease can significantly increase your chances of protecting your smile from its potentially hazardous consequences. (more…)

Oral Health and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Oral Health and Pregnancy: What You Should KnowHygiene is important all of the time, but when you’re pregnant, special attention to your dental health is vital. Hormonal changes can increase the likelihood that you’ll develop gum disease, and the chronic oral infection can heighten your risk of preterm birth. However, precautions must be taken when you’re pregnant, and undergoing oral health care during this time is not recommended unless it is an emergency. To help you maintain good oral health for you and your baby’s sake, we discuss the importance of good oral health in the midst of pregnancy. (more…)

Why Toothaches Are Often Emergencies

Although small, your teeth can often generate enough discomfort when damaged or infected to warrant an emergency visit to your dentist’s office. To make matters worse, tooth sensitivity and pain can indicate a number of different issues. As a symptom, toothaches can seem similar regardless of their cause, but curing them depends on diagnosing their origins first. Because those origins typically involve a threat to your healthy tooth structure, toothaches are often considered emergencies and should be evaluated and treated by your dentist as soon as possible. (more…)

Do Your Kids need to See the Dentist?

Do Your Kids need to See the Dentist?When was the last time your kids saw the family dentist? Has your youngest child eve been? Many parents find themselves so busy with doctors’ visits and school schedules, that they may forget to schedule regular dental visits for their kids. Unfortunately, this can lead to cavity development and other dental problems that could lead to discomfort, infection, or eventually the premature loss of their baby teeth. If you want to keep your kids’ precious smiles healthy, it’s important they see the dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings! (more…)

Can You Feel More Confident with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Can You Feel More Confident with Cosmetic Dentistry?Are you ready to address the imperfections that have long left you feeling insecure about showing your smile? Ready to stop worrying that people will only see your teeth’s flaws, and to actually feel confident knowing they’ll start to see your natural beauty, instead? Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to address a wide variety of imperfections, often quickly and with natural-looking yet beautiful results. So, are you ready to start loving your smile more? (more…)

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments When Your Smile Seems Clean

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments When Your Smile Seems CleanDo you often find yourself tempted to skip out on dental appointments, because your smile already seems healthy? Not all dental problems are easily spotted, so just because the smile seems okay it doesn’t mean it is. Furthermore, skipping key preventive care can greatly increase the risk that you will develop dental cavities and other common problems, including gum disease. To protect your smile, it’s important to see your preventive dentist regularly. (more…)