At-Home Teeth Whitening from Your Pella Dentist

In an effort to whiten your smile, take years off of your appearance, and heighten your sense of self-confidence, how many over-the-counter teeth whitening systems have you tried? If you’re ready to achieve a new level of white, a shade that you could never achieve with a store-bought bleaching product, it’s time to consult with Iowa family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeffrey Allen.

Taking Your Pearly Whites to Bright Whites

It’s no surprise that over-the-counter whitening products don’t hold a candle to professionally prescribed teeth whitening treatments. To help his patients achieve the bright white smiles that have become so coveted over the past decade or so, Dr. Allen offers a premier teeth whitening option: Opalescence.

After researching various types of professional teeth whitening procedures, Dr. Allen chose the option he deemed most effective, safe, and long lasting. Like other at-home teeth whitening systems, Opalescence whitening consists of custom-made dental trays and professional-strength bleaching gel for dramatic results. (more…)

Children’s Oral Hygiene in Pella, Iowa

At Allen Family Dentistry, the oral health of our younger patients is very important to us. Establishing proper oral hygiene habits with children is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout adulthood. As firm believers in preventive dentistry, we strive to educate our patients so that they can avoid potentially costly and invasive procedures in the future. Our staff has provided some oral hygiene tips and facts below for parents and guardians.

  • During pregnancy, women should avoid certain medications that may damage their baby’s tooth development. For example, some antibiotics can impede enamel development if taken during the second trimester.
  • Children should see our dentist for an oral examination before their first birthday. At this examination, Dr. Jeffrey Allen will check your infant’s mouth for any abnormalities.
  • Parents should wipe the inside of their infant’s mouth with a clean, wet cloth. This helps keep the gums clear of bacterial buildup while also stimulating oral tissues. (more…)

Should I Chew Gum or Mints to Treat My Bad Breath?

When bad breath springs itself on you, what should you do? You could always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag, or you could carry bad breath fighters such as gum or mints. Beside the fact the carrying around gum or mints is much more convenient than a complete oral hygienic kit, they are also quicker and easier to use. The real question is—should you chew gum or mints?

A Sticky Situation

Although gum is a quick temporary solution to bad breath, sometimes it can be a nuisance for people around you. Yes, smacking or chewing loudly is a very common pet peeve. In addition, while mints are much easier on a grab-and-go basis, they do not stimulate saliva production. The mint in your mouth will freshen your breath much quicker than gum, but will also disappear just as quickly. Gum however, induces saliva production and thus keeps your breath fresher longer.

How Does Saliva Play a Part in Freshening Breath?

As odd as it may sound, saliva is actually a big part of freshening breath. At times when your mouth is dry and lacks moisture, it probably isn’t smelling its best. (more…)

Choosing the Right Family Dentist for You

What do you look for when selecting a family dentist? Professionalism? Reputation? Quality? Convenience?

All of the above are characteristics you definitely want to consider when choosing a dentist for your family. A good dentist will make your family members feel at ease while giving you piece of mind that they will finish needed dental procedures.

Dr. Jeffrey Allen has been operating his family dentistry practice for over 15 years. He has established himself as one of the most recognized dentists in not only the city of Pella, but also the surrounding Central Iowa area.


Dental Cautions for Athletes

During the cold winter months, you may think that playing sports is a good idea to stay active and warm. Common winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and hockey, can keep your body in good shape, but they can be just as dangerous as summer sports. Visit Dr. Jeffrey Allen to protect your mouth from athletic damage.


Even when it’s cold outside, strenuous physical activity can wear your body out and cause you to become dehydrated. Long training and practice sessions cause you to breath through your mouth more, which results in decreased saliva production in your mouth. Saliva is necessary to keep your mouth moist and clean. To quench their thirst, about 84 percent of athletes rely on sports drinks to keep them hydrated and energized. Sports drinks generally contain a lot of sugar and are very acidic. These factors can contribute to tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, staining, and tooth erosion. Water is always the healthiest choice to keep your body hydrated and strong.


Help Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay

We all want healthy teeth. The easiest way to do this is to make sure to brush and floss twice a day and make a trip to the dentist for regular dental checkups and cleanings once every six months. Another way to help lower the risk of tooth decay is the application of a fluoride varnish on your teeth. Fluoride will help strengthen the enamel in your teeth, helping you fight cavities and reducing your risk of tooth decay.

Seeing Results from Fluoride Varnishes

In a recent study, a fluoride varnish was applied to children’s teeth and after just 12 months, the children’s teeth showed a decrease in decay and an increase in tooth strength. It is safe to have fluoride varnishes applied every three months to increase the strength of your children’s teeth. More studies have shown that children who receive fluoride every three months are less likely to develop cavities compared to a child who did not receive the varnish as often or at all. Almost no fluoride is swallowed in the process and the application is very safe.


Care for Your Smile in 2012

Happy Holidays to you and your family from Allen Family Dentistry!

Make Your Dental Health a Priority in 2012

Pella dentist Dr. Jeffrey Allen and our dental team want to urge you to make your dental health a priority in the coming year. Most dental insurance benefits renew on January 1, which means that you have an entire year to make sure that you and your family receive the dental care you need and deserve. Take advantage of these benefits (most dental insurance policies cover two cleanings and exams per year for each person insured) by calling our dental office at (641) 628-1121 to reserve an appointment as soon as possible. (more…)