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Your Cleaning: Things You Can Look Forward To 

It’s just one little part of the fabric of your life, when you’re doing things right: It’s your professional dental cleaning that you should be receiving from us twice every single year. When you consider the fact that we need to see you twice within a 12-month period, you quickly realize this means you’re going… Read more »

3 Times You’ll Need A Checkup First

As you are well aware, there’s a guideline in place for your dental checkups and cleanings that we suggest you receive every year: Our Pella, IA team encourages you to remain on track with keeping your teeth and gums safe by scheduling a preventive care visit once every six months, which shakes out to roughly… Read more »

Very Important Details To Remember About Checkups

There are some things you’re really going to want to remember about dental checkups. Why is that, you ask? Well, because if you allow yourself to forget about how important they are, how easy they are, and more, you may not feel quite as motivated to schedule and keep up with them. When you aren’t… Read more »

3 Things That Dental Cleanings Really Help Prevent

There may be those moments during which you think to yourself that while you know you’ve heard for your whole life dental cleanings are extremely important, you wonder why and whether it’s really true. You ask yourself what this aspect of prevention can really do for you or if it just helps make your teeth… Read more »

Dental Visit Quiz: Tick Tock!

When you’re picking up the phone to contact us to schedule your dental visit, do you have some solid ideas in your mind regarding the best times to plan your checkups and cleanings? Or, when we ask you “morning or afternoon?” and other time-related questions, are you at a complete loss? If you haven’t taken… Read more »

Canker Sores: 3 Questions And Answers

The moment a canker sore shows up in your mouth, you know it. How do you know it? Well, you certainly know something isn’t right because you will speak or eat and you’ll notice a very uncomfortable ulcer in your mouth. Fortunately, this is not something to fly into a panic over. However, we do… Read more »

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments When Your Smile Seems Clean

Do you often find yourself tempted to skip out on dental appointments, because your smile already seems healthy? Not all dental problems are easily spotted, so just because the smile seems okay it doesn’t mean it is. Furthermore, skipping key preventive care can greatly increase the risk that you will develop dental cavities and other… Read more »

Q&A: Dental Checkup Confusion

When it comes time to schedule a dental checkup, are you certain that you should contact us? Or, do you experience some trepidation because you aren’t quite sure about when you should be visiting us or when you shouldn’t? Perhaps you have just seen us for an exam but think something has gone wrong with… Read more »

Your Preventive Dentist’s Tips for a Dynamite Smile: Part Two

Great smiles begin at home, with excellent dental hygiene and a well-balanced diet. But they don’t end there. On the contrary, smiles also need regular dental visits, to make sure there aren’t any threats to their beauty or health. Taking wonderful care of your smile through brushing and flossing is a great first step on… Read more »