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Why Toothaches Are Often Emergencies

Although small, your teeth can often generate enough discomfort when damaged or infected to warrant an emergency visit to your dentist’s office. To make matters worse, tooth sensitivity and pain can indicate a number of different issues. As a symptom, toothaches can seem similar regardless of their cause, but curing them depends on diagnosing their… Read more »

Are You Suffering from a Dental Emergency?

Has it been weeks since you were able to enjoy a sip of coffee without wincing in pain, or snacking on your favorite sweets without suffering discomfort? If you are experiencing severe pain, it could be due to an infection, like an abscessed teeth. Were you involved in an accident recently, and your smile was… Read more »

What Could a Dental Crown Do for Your Smile?

Have you recently been told you require restorative treatment for a bad cavity, or even an abscessed tooth? Is your smile in need of a prosthetic replacement after tooth loss? Did you chip or crack a tooth during a game of basketball? Are you tired of people commenting on your shiny gold crown when you… Read more »

Say "Aaah" for Abscess Treatment

There are several possible causes of toothaches, some of which are more obvious than others. The key to finding relief from tooth pain lies in your willingness to take immediate action by calling your Pella, IA general dentist for an appointment. Otherwise, you may develop an infection, which could then lead to a painful abscess…. Read more »

Is it Serious Enough for a Root Canal?

Perhaps you’ve noticed lingering sensitivity in a certain tooth when you drink your morning coffee of enjoy an iced tea at lunch. Perhaps you experience zingers when you bite down with one side of your mouth or perhaps a dull throbbing ache in your mouth has kept you up for several nights. No matter the… Read more »

Pella, IA Residents: What’s the Cause of your Toothache?

Toothaches can be the result of cavities, dental injuries, and other undiagnosed dental conditions. If you ignore an ache in your teeth, or don’t present with symptoms when you have an infection, you could end up with something called an abscessed tooth. Your teeth are coated with enamel, an extremely strong compound that is designed… Read more »

Signs You Should Visit Your Pella Dentist

Even the most conscientious dental patients – people who visit their dentist every six months and follow oral hygiene guidelines religiously – can overlook symptoms that seem benign to them. Warning signs like a painful twinge in a tooth, or seemingly minor bleeding from the gums, can be dismissed as unimportant. However, they could be signs… Read more »