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Halloween: Keep These (Non-Candy) Treats Around!

Your kids are likely already going cuckoo for candy, now that Halloween is making its annual arrival. While just about everyone loves to chow down on something sweet at the end of the month, not every mom and dad wants to offer kids a never-ending stream of sugar-filled goodies that encourage oral health concerns. So,… Read more »

A Cracked Tooth: 3 Things To Keep In Mind

There are some things we think you should know when it comes to your smile, particularly when it comes to experiencing a cracked tooth. The bad news is that sometimes it happens even if you’re careful. The great news, however, is that you can usually make efforts to prevent it. Now, in the unfortunate case… Read more »

3 Truths About Dental Hygiene

There are some dental hygiene details that are based on opinion. For example, the statement “mint toothpaste tastes the best” is not a hard and fast truth! Instead, it may or may not be true for you. Then, there are some details that are simply fact. When you’ve got them memorized, it makes it much… Read more »

Quiz: The Right Time To Schedule Care

You might not know just what time is the right time to schedule dental care to promote excellent oral health. Should you stick to the twice-a-year rule or is that just a rumor? Should you call us up if you think something could be wrong or should you try to figure things out on your… Read more »

DIY Dental Care: 3 Reasons To Say No

Particularly since the advent of the Internet, your ability to do things for yourself has become much easier. While this seems like it must be all well and good all the time, it’s important to remember that it’s not always better to try to accomplish something on your own (especially if that particular something usually… Read more »

Do Your Kids Need Dental Treatment?

Are you concerned that your kids might be in need of restorative treatment for a cavity or other dental problem? Perhaps you are just curious whether or not you are doing all you can, as a parent, to help ensure they enjoy oral health as they grow. Fortunately, there are actually a number of simple… Read more »

Simple Steps to Protecting Your Oral Health

Have you made a lot of progress in your fitness journey this year, from choosing healthier foods to fill your plate with, to adding miles to your exercise routine? If so, you may already be able to see and feel the difference these smart choices have made for your body and your overall wellbeing. But… Read more »