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Invisalign® Benefits Beyond Their Appearance

If you experience malocclusion (crooked teeth) and have heard about Invisalign®, then the fact that the clear aligners are virtually invisible may be one of their most appealing benefits. That’s especially true if you’ve hesitated or avoided straightening your teeth because you worry how metal braces will look. At our Pella, IA, dental office, we’ve… Read more »

Things You Don’t Have to Worry About with Invisalign®

For people with noticeably crooked teeth, their biggest worry is often how their teeth make their overall smiles look. Because of this, many patients hesitate to wear traditional metal braces to straighten them. Orthodontic treatment sometimes take years, and that much time with metal braces on their teeth can seem daunting to many patients. At… Read more »

Trusting Invisalign To Improve The Quality Of Your Smile

If your teeth are crooked, if your smile looks awkward because of spaces between teeth, or if you have noticeable issues with crowded teeth, orthodontic work can be beneficial. People with misaligned teeth can be well aware that an adjustment offers a chance at improvement, but they can be uneasy about committing to metal braces…. Read more »

3 Reasons to Try Invisalign®

When your teeth are crooked, your first concern may be how they impact your smile’s appearance. Because of that concern, many adult patients aren’t always excited about wearing braces to correct their teeth. Traditionally made from metal brackets and wires, orthodontic braces can even more noticeably affect your smile’s appearance until your treatment is completed…. Read more »

Are You Ready for Invisalign?

Is summer your busy time of year, or does it offer a chance to kick back and relax? Maybe your work has an ebb and flow all its own. If you are contemplating an improvement to your smile, it doesn’t have to be disruptive. In fact, if you are considering Invisalign clear braces in Pella,… Read more »

Invisalign Trays: The Most Common Ways To Lose Them

When you haven’t really thought much about accidentally losing your Invisalign treatment trays before, you may actually be more likely to do so! At first, you might find that you’re extremely protective of your trays and you do your best to keep them in view. However, when you start to get used to wearing them… Read more »

See Our Team To Close Spaces

We meet some patients who are fond of the small gap between their two front teeth. Then, we meet patients who have never been pleased about their gap. We also see tiny spaces that patients find annoying, as well as all over spacing. If you aren’t pleased with the way your smile looks (and more)… Read more »

Invisalign: Are You Ready For The Winter Season?

Are you all prepared for the winter season ahead now that you’re receiving Invisalign treatment? Do you have a perplexed look on your face at the moment because you didn’t realize there were seasonal issues that could have an effect on your orthodontic care? The truth is, the system will continue to work the same,… Read more »

Beware: 3 Ways To Lose Trays

You might not be able to imagine a scenario in which you lose your Invisalign treatment trays. After all, they’re usually in your mouth. When they’re not, you’re either eating, brushing, or flossing, so what’s the big deal? Is it really something you should worry about? The truth is, we have seen many a distraught… Read more »