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Pella, IA Cosmetic Dentist Provides Multi-Faceted Porcelain Veneers

There are physical flaws we need to accept. We are born a certain way, and there’s only so many surgical procedures, tricks with make-up, hairstyles that might cover up the things we find embarrassing, etc., that we should even waste our time with. Beauty truly does come from the inside. However, teeth are impression makers…. Read more »

Pella Dentist Answers Porcelain Veneers FAQs

What makes up veneers? Dental veneers are made of ultra thin porcelain shells. These cosmetic restorations are specifically shaped and color-matched to look realistic and blend almost seamlessly with the rest of your smile. The semi-translucent porcelain material matches the semi-translucency of your natural teeth. In addition, since the porcelain is a monolithic, smooth material,… Read more »