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Smile Sensitivity: 4 Essential Next Steps

It doesn’t sound too terrible when you’re just talking about it but when you are actually the one experiencing smile sensitivity, it’s quite a big deal! Even one little area that’s feeling extra sensitive can send your nerves into a tailspin, as you feel zings that cause you to wince. Rather than try to convince… Read more »

Ways To Handle Smile Sensitivity

If you deal with smile sensitivity and you do nothing, chances are quite good that your sensitivity will remain the same or that it will become even more intense. Since you need to use your smile every day for communication and also to survive (you have to eat!), addressing any type of discomfort or pain… Read more »

It Really Isn’t Good To Ignore Your Sensitive Teeth

You might think that you’re being brave and strong as you do your best to ignore your sensitive teeth. However, you’re not going to benefit from making this decision! Instead, you’re going to find yourself with worsening discomfort. So, what does our Pella, IA team suggest, you wonder? Well, we think you’d be much happier… Read more »

Sensitivity Toothpaste: 3 Things To Consider!

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of sensitive teeth. One second, you’re enjoying yourself and the next second, it feels like every nerve in your tooth is highly aggravated! You may close your eyes, cup your face, take a deep breath, and wait for it to stop. If it’s something that affects you consistently, then… Read more »

Should You Schedule an Emergency Visit for a Toothache?

When you think of a dental emergency, you might immediately think of a cracked or knocked out tooth. However, not all emergencies are the same, and even if you don’t see any damage to your tooth, the presence of aching or sensitivity could mean more serious trouble than you realize. If you experience a sudden… Read more »

Why Toothaches Are Often Emergencies

Although small, your teeth can often generate enough discomfort when damaged or infected to warrant an emergency visit to your dentist’s office. To make matters worse, tooth sensitivity and pain can indicate a number of different issues. As a symptom, toothaches can seem similar regardless of their cause, but curing them depends on diagnosing their… Read more »

Quiz: Tooth Sensitivity

Are you dealing with tooth sensitivity but you are not sure what to do about making your smile feel better? Perhaps a significant portion of your uncertainty stems from the fact that you don’t really know why your teeth are feeling so uncomfortable. Good news: We can provide you with a wealth of information, identify… Read more »

3 Common Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can impact your daily life in a number of small ways that can add up to a big annoyance. They can make eating sweet, cold, or acidic foods like ice cream, cold drinks, and sweets, a real pain in the mouth. According to a recent survey of dental offices in the United States,… Read more »

We Could All Stand to Be More Sensitive…Most of the Time

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little sensitivity every now and then. Unless, that is, you’re talking about your teeth. Tender teeth aren’t just a source of physical discomfort; the pain can also interfere with your oral hygiene, causing even greater and often more costly problems for teeth and gums. Dr. Jeffrey Allen and Dr…. Read more »