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When A Tooth Needs Extracting

Tooth extraction is only done as a last resort in dentistry today. The goal is to keep as many of your natural teeth, and as much of your natural tooth structure when a tooth is damaged, as possible. However, sometimes it is simply necessary. If the tooth is threatening your overall oral health and/or your… Read more »

3 Dangers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Loud snoring can be a source of comedy, or a serious impediment in an otherwise healthy relationship. Even worse, loud snoring may be indicative of a potentially life-threatening sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea stop breathing during sleep, resulting in poor sleep quality and low blood oxygen levels. Sleep apnea should… Read more »

Pella Dentist Quizzes you on Periodontal Disease

You know the effects of periodontal disease, or gum disease, on your oral health, but how much do you know about the effects of gum disease on the health of your body? Test your knowledge with this quiz from your Pella dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Allen. Questions Q1. True or false – Flossing can help you… Read more »

Want a Brighter Smile

What Do Brides Regret Most? While nothing can replace the warm feeling of loved ones gathering at a wedding to celebrate new beginnings, brides often look back on that day with a few regrets. One of the most prevailing regrets is not making time to whiten teeth before the big day. Planning all the events… Read more »

The Taste Bud Sensory Experiment

Your tongue is amazing! It’s covered with microscopic hairs called microvilli, also known as taste buds. These tiny receptors send messages to the brain, letting you “sense” your favorite foods.  Don’t believe me? Try this experiment: You’ll need a glass of salt water, sugar water, lemon water, tonic water, pencil and paper, and Mom or… Read more »

Tobacco Can Help You

If you’re interested in any or all of the following oral health concerns, then tobacco use might be for you: Loss of taste Loss of smell Bad breath Facial wrinkling Stained teeth Less successful periodontal treatment Less successful dental implants Mouth sores Gum recession Tooth loss Bone loss Oral cancer Of course, there are no… Read more »

Brushing to Blame for Tooth Sensitivity

When food and drinks prove to be too hot or too cold for your teeth but not for the rest of your mouth, then something is not right. If your teeth seem to suddenly develop their own nervous system, sending pain from the end of your tooth up to your gums, you may be suffering… Read more »