The standard for effective preventive dentistry is to attend regular six-month checkups and cleanings to reduce your risk for more serious dental – and overall – health problems. When Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann find cavities in their earliest stages, called demineralization, they can treat them quickly and easily. The same is true of gingivitis, cracked or chipped teeth, halitosis (bad breath), and other dental concerns.

At Your Dental Checkup

To keep your smile healthy and strong, Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann will thoroughly evaluate your dental condition during your six-month checkups. They’ll want to know if you have any concerns, such as pain or abnormalities, when brushing and flossing. They may take digital and/or panoramic x-rays, if necessary, to update your records and address your concerns. Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann may use DIAGNOdent, an early cavity detection laser, to find cavities in their earliest stages, while conservative treatment may still correct the problem. They will also screen for oral cancer, gum disease, and other conditions, based on your symptoms. If you suffer from chronic migraines and jaw pain (TMJ disorder), or if you snore and/or think you may have sleep apnea, tell Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann.

At Your Dental Cleaning

Twice a year, you need to visit our dental hygienist for a cleaning. Using an ultrasonic scaler we’ll remove plaque and hardened plaque, called tartar or calculus, from your teeth. This will make your teeth feel smooth, and your breath smell fresh, and will also deter gum disease. If periodontal pockets are present between your teeth and gums, you may have gingivitis, an early form of gum disease. About 80 percent of American adults have gum disease so don’t be dismayed. A deep cleaning and regular monitoring of the condition, combined with good oral home care habits, can stop the progression and allow your gums to heal.

After cleaning your teeth, the hygienist will apply a wipe-on fluoride varnish. While your teeth may feel a bit rough after application of the varnish, the fluoride will attract enamel-strengthening minerals to fight tooth decay. Another benefit of the varnish is that you won’t have to wear uncomfortable fluoride trays. If you prefer to forego the fluoride varnish, just tell your hygienist.

Schedule a Checkup and Cleaning Today

The best way to protect your smile is to prevent harmful issues with regular preventive checkups and cleanings. To schedule your next appointment with Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann, call our dental office in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.