A bold, bright smile conveys confidence, youth, and vitality. While most people have vibrant teeth as children, over time the foods we consume, our dental hygiene, and natural aging can tarnish tooth enamel. Regular daily brushing and flossing, even with whitening toothpaste, may not help. To brighten your smile, speak with us about our variety of cosmetic dental options such as professional teeth whitening.

Our Professional Teeth Whitening System

Over-the-counter whitening isn’t as potent as the take-home whitening system that we offer. Another benefit with the take-home teeth-whitening kit is you can reuse your trays indefinitely, which means you can freshen up your smile whenever you like. Professional teeth whitening at home takes about two weeks of one or two-hour daily treatments for optimal results.

What About Permanent Teeth Stains?

Fluorosis, the white lines caused by ingesting fluoride, does not respond to whitening of any kind. While the non-fluoridated portion of teeth can brighten to match the white lines, the actual stains do not change color. Tetracycline stains from medications are also resistant to most professional whitening products, and internal tooth stains or thin enamel cannot be corrected with whitening, either. In these cases, Dr. Allen and Dr. Neumann may recommend cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers, which can achieve more effective results for cosmetic issues that teeth whitening cannot address.

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Visit

You can enjoy a brighter smile in almost no time with professional teeth whitening treatment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann, call our dental office in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.