Tooth misalignment can be a major hindrance to the overall beauty of your smile. Fortunately, at Allen Family Dentistry, we can address crooked or crowded teeth with discreet, cosmetic orthodontic treatment, known as Invisalign® clear braces.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Typically, orthodontic treatment involves the use of metal brackets and wires to reposition the teeth over the period of about up to two years, or more. However, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners instead. Patients wear these custom-made appliances every day for between 20 and 23 hours. Approximately every two weeks, you will upgrade to a new set of aligners as your teeth are slowly repositioned. The entire treatment usually takes about 12 to 18 months. Invisalign allows patients to receive quality orthodontic treatment without wearing metal braces.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign®?

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits, clear braces offer a number of advantages to traditional orthodontics. First, the aligners can be removed before meals, so you don’t need to avoid certain foods. Removable aligners also make brushing and flossing easier, boosting the effectiveness of your daily oral hygiene routine. In addition, patients report a serious reduction in gum and cheek discomfort, which can often occur when wearing metal braces. Also, correcting misalignment also reduces hiding places for oral bacteria and stray food particles, decreasing your risk of developing tooth decay or gum disease. Finally, Invisalign requires no adjustments and fewer office visits, easing the pressure on your already hectic schedule.

Find Out if You Can Benefit from Invisalign®

Talk to your dentist to find out if you can benefit from Invisalign® clear aligners in lieu of traditional braces. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Allen or Dr. Neumann, call our dental office in Pella, IA, today at (641) 628-1121.